25 May 2020

Pam, new helper at Arcare Glenhaven’s lifestyle team

The lifestyle team at Arcare Glenhaven have had a new helper named Pam to help sort out and deliver the mail.

Pam has been saying for the past couple of weeks that she wishes she had something productive to do with her time.

She says that she always sees the team members busily running around and wishes she could help somehow.

So, the team thought it would be a great idea if Pam helped to organise the mail into room order and deliver it.

When the team brought the idea to Pam. she was so excited to be able to help out and was keen to get started straight away.

Lifestyle team member Chloe set everything up for Pam in her room with a cup of tea so it felt like she was back in the office.

Pam had a great career working in many offices both here in Australia and overseas.

She loved the idea of being able to do some paperwork again even if it was just sorting through the mail.

Organsing the mail gave a sense of purpose to Pam’s day and it also made her feel like her old self again, working away in the office with a nice cup of tea.

When Pam was finished, she was then ready to walk around the residence with Chloe delivering the letters and parcels.

Pam has been meaning to get out of her room and get some more exercise but has been struggling to motivate herself.

So, by delivering the mail, Pam could easily walk around the whole residence which made her feel great!

Pam is very happy with her new task and that she even gets her daily exercise in.

She shared with us that that is was nice to achieve something from beginning to end.

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