7 April 2020

Having a paper plane competition at Arcare St James

Today at Arcare Helensvale St James, we held a paper plane challenge.

The clients were keen to participate as they enthusiastically grabbed some paper and started folding in all directions.

After folding them, we decided to trial them down the community hallways.

After ensuring no one was around, we threw them in the air and the plane that travelled the furthest would win.

And today’s winner was Margaret!

As they threw their planes, the clients had a giggle and reminisced about folding paper planes during their cheekier school days. Sometimes it’s nice to remember the simplicity of childhood, they said.

Lifestyle Coordinator Linda also shared with that about the World Paper Plane Championships and they were very surprised to know it exists! To show them that she wasn’t joking, Linda found a video on YouTube.

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