27 April 2021

Parkview Artists

Your age, ability, skill and level of creativity are not requirements when it comes to enjoying and reaping the benefits of art therapy. Unleashing your inner Picasso may not only be therapeutic, but art therapy has been found to have many social, mental and physical health benefits for those living in aged care.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” – Pablo Picasso

Studies have found that aged care residents participating in art therapy programs were more likely to see improvements in their cognitive functioning, communication, self-esteem, pleasure, enjoyment of life, memory and creative thinking, as well as decreased pain, stress, depression,  than those who didn’t participate in these programs.


Arcare recognises the importance of keeping the minds of residents engaged and stimulated through regular and varied lifestyle activities. The Arts Health Program at Arcare Parkview is a standard inclusion in the community’s Signature Services package, and focuses on encouraging residents to participate in art therapy and express their creativity in a therapeutic way. 

As a part of the Arts Health Program, Parkview residents are invited to participate in the community’s weekly arts and music programs, where they receive one on one emotional and social support and tutoring from their trained teacher, Shirley. As an added benefit of the program, Parkview’s dedicated art studio and piano lounge are open at all times for residents to use as they wish.

Teacher, Shirley has been working with the Arcare Parkview community since its doors first opened back in January 2017, and through her time at Parkview, she has developed close and meaningful relationships with many of the residents.

Although many of the residents were initially hesitant to try the Arts Health Program, saying “I can’t do this… I’m not creative or an artist!”, many have been pleasantly surprised by how much they have enjoyed the experience and seen the health benefits.

With World Art Day in April, teacher, Shirley and lifestyle coordinator, Annabel wanted to plan something special for the budding artists of Parkview to celebrate all the artwork that they created in the last year.

Families, friends, team members and residents were invited along to the Parkview Art Exhibition on Wednesday 21st April, with the residents stunning artwork lining the upstairs lounge and dining rooms.

Just see some of their amazing work for yourself…