6 May 2019

Passion for puzzles

A passion for puzzles has led to a very special friendship at Arcare Kanwal.

Without a doubt, you will always find Dieter at his puzzle table.

Dieter has recently taken on some very artistic puzzles, that create quite the challenge.

‘When the pieces are the same colour, it’s really difficult to complete!’ he said.

Although they have 1000s of pieces and may be very complicated, Dieter finds them very relaxing.

‘I choose to do the bigger ones for a challenge,’ said Dieter.

The larger the puzzle, the harder the challenge!

His most recent choices of larger, more difficult puzzles caught Freda’s attention.

Freda began joining Dieter and helping him put them together.

This passion for puzzles has created a very special friendship for Freda and Dieter.

Dieter’s hearing is not the very, and it is often difficult to speak to him.

So it’s safe to say that Dieter and Freda’s friendship is based on their love for solving the puzzles, as their conversation would be quite limited.

Over the last couple of weeks, you will find the two of them at the table, enjoying their puzzle time.

Often, others will visit the table to have a chat and see their progress.

Some say they don’t have the patience to complete the puzzles, but they mustn’t have the passion!

When Dieter was asked what he loves about puzzles, he said, ‘It keeps me busy and I enjoy the end result.’

Freda and Dieter have now completed three very large and detailed puzzles together.

They have left them on the puzzle table on display for others to view – they are quite bright and colourful!

Soon, a new puzzle will be started, but their same passion for puzzles will continue.

Arcare Aged Care Kanwal Passion for Puzzles

Arcare Aged Care Kanwal Passion for Puzzles

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