17 March 2021

Pats and cuddles for Pippi the Cocker Spaniel at our Arcare Seven Hills community

At just 20 weeks old, Pippi the Cocker Spaniel is getting endless pats and cuddles from residents in our Arcare Seven Hills community.

Enrolled Nurse Elysse brings Pippi in at least once a week and Pippi certainly brings a smile to everyone’s faces wherever she goes.

Pippi is now an honourary resident in Jupiter, our Dementia community as she has a very special spot reserved in the lounge for her.

Lying on her doggy bed with toys and treats around her, Pippi feels right at home.

When the residents see that Pippi is here to play, they eagerly finish up their lunch to come over and pat her.

And Resident May has a soft spot for Pippi as she lived with dogs all her life.

May had just moved in that day and was more than happy to give cuddles to Pippi as she rested on her lap.

Resident Delma also had her time with Pippi and as she stroked her soft fur, Pippi started falling asleep.

“She’s so warm and cuddly, I could just hug her all day,” Delma said.

Residence Manager Bish also brought in his new puppy, Alfie the Cocker Spaniel.

At only 11 weeks old, Alfie is still learning to navigate the world and socialise with other people and dogs.

To help him get accustomed to his surroundings, General Services Manager Alysha decided to bring Alfie around in her trolley.

And the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from residents, team members and family could be heard throughout the residence.

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