11 July 2020

Reading pawsome letters from our pen pal, PETstock

Clients at Arcare Maroochydore have received a number of interesting and heartwarming letters from their newest pen pal, PETstock!

The letters included many photos of PETstock team members pets, from horses and dogs to chicken and cows, the photos were warmly received by the clients.

As they passed around the letters to read and admired the photos, they could not help but share personal stories of their own furry friends.

‘I was chuffed to receive the letters and when I saw this puppy dog, it reminded me of my own small, white dog named Rags. He was very huggable,’ Ron shared.

Di, another animal-loving client also reminisced about growing up on the farm.

‘I’ve always had dogs at the sheep station. We had four dogs and two of them were Labradors,’ she said.

‘There was this one dog that always stayed with me and I remember a time when the dog was barking at something and when I went closer, I saw that it was a snake! The dog knew and he was trying to protect me!’

Helen, on the other hand, lived in the suburbs of Brisbane and recalls growing up with lots of dogs in her family.

‘When we lived in West End, we had these fancy dogs called poodles,’ Helen shared.

‘When I see these photos, I just think about my past pets. We truly loved our dogs! Animals are lovely; if you are lovely to them, they are lovely to you.’

And we couldn’t agree more!

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