8 June 2018

Pet Day Pawfection

There was a pitter-patter of paws throughout the corridors of Arcare Glenhaven last week as staff and families brought their pets to visit clients.

Having eight overexcited dogs raring to burst into clients’ rooms to say hello brought great joy to the clients.

“The excitement on their faces as we opened their suite doors was priceless,” said Lifestyle Coordinator Chloe Poulsen.

Other clients, staff and their families mingled with everyone’s pets while sharing a much-loved Glenhaven community barbeque.

“This little one can stay with me all day! He doesn’t need to go home. Don’t tell the owner I have him, it’s a little secret,” said Judy Watson.

Arcare Aged Care Glenhaven Judy

The clients in sensitive care were invited to walk the dogs around their unit; bringing back a sense of purpose and control for them. “It was clear that being responsible for these dogs for even a few brief moments made a big difference for them,” said Chloe.

The residents also voted for the cutest dog, cheekiest dog and most obedient dog in a judging competition held on the day.


True happiness filled the hearts of Glenhaven on this day as a great sense of purpose and fulfillment came from caring for these animals.

It’s clear that you never lose your love for pets!

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