28 June 2019

Phyllis is loving the animal visits at Arcare Taigum

Here at Arcare Taigum, we often have visits from family members and friends who visit the different clients. This time, there was a special cuddly treat for Phyllis!

Phyllis often has regular visits from her daughter Helen, but lately the visits have been a little different.

Helen brings her Cavoodle puppy, Cino and his friend, Theo who is a Moodle.

Phyllis, Helen and the puppies have a coffee in the Arcare Taigum café. It’s amazing to see that the puppies look almost identical!

Theo sits snuggled up on Phyllis’s lap and Theo on Helen’s lap. They are truly an adorable sight to see and completely irresistible to walk past.

Phyllis was previously only used to having working dogs on the farm and cattle dogs for herding. Later on, she had a little pet Fox Terrier called Whiskey.

Phyllis loves all the animals at Taigum such as the hairdresser Suzie’s dog, and Ruppert who comes for visits on Mondays and Fridays.

Luckily, the cats Pebbles and Zorro who live in Presley area have been introduced to the newest puppies. They were all so curious about each other as they went in circles sniffing everywhere.

Phyllis also enjoys a visit from the Greyhounds, Jack and April who visit her weekly.

Having an animal in a senior’s life can really help to improve their well-being and give new meaning to their life. We highly recommend it!

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