11 October 2018

Pizza party

The Knox Community were interested in finding out how to make pizzas the traditional Italian way. There was no better person to teach the group than Ben, a chef at Arcare Knox, who has been a chef for over 20 years. Ben even worked at Ladro, an Italian restaurant in Melbourne that is known for their traditional pizzas.

Jack was the first to put up his hand to volunteer, reminding Ben that he can teach him a thing or two.

Janos decided that he would try his luck at flipping the pizzas in the air.

‘I think I picked the wrong career, I should have been a pizza maker,’ he joked.

Jennifer laughed when she realised that her pizza was coincidentally shaped like Tasmania.

While spreading the dough and topping them with fresh ingredients, the group joked that they felt like they were on a cooking show.

By the time the pizzas were ready the group had certainly worked up an appetite and were looking forward to sampling the different flavours. It was the Hawaiian and vegetarian flavours that had everyone’s vote for favourite.

Lifestyle coordinator Jacqueline said, ‘The group loved the pizza and everyone really enjoyed the demonstration. I even learnt a few things about the correct way to make traditional pizza.’

The group is already thinking about what they will cook next time they get-together.

Avis said, ‘I will come next time. Hopefully it’s in Italy!’



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