6 September 2019

Playing billiards together

On Thursday 29th August, the Arcare Surrey Hills community went on a bus trip to visit Arcare’s newest aged care residence in Templestowe.

Six men from Surrey Hills’ men’s group traveled to Arcare Templestowe to meet with their own men’s group and play billiards.

This was the first bus outing for the group, and the men were incredibly excited to be invited to play pool.

99 year old Surrey Hills client, Ligorio loves playing billiards, and even boarded the bus with his own pool cue.

Once the group arrived at Templestowe, they were warmly greeted by several clients and lifestyle coordinator, Noelene. They were offered a VIP tour of the new residence, with many commenting, that they couldn’t believe the size and beauty of the residence.

As they toured the residence, several faces seemed familiar to the Surrey Hills men. Several team members, who previously worked at Surrey Hills had transferred to Templestowe once the new residence had opened. The men enjoyed catching up with their old friends and sharing new stories.

When the men finally laid eyes on the large billiards table at Templestowe, their faces lit up. The men played billiards for over one and half hours, and thoroughly enjoyed each others company. It wasn’t until lifestyle coordinator, Monique informed the men that it was starting get dark outside, that they realised the time.

The group was exhausted after their trip, but they were all smiling from ear to ear all the way home.

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