13 November 2019

Poetry reading at Footscray library

In October, clients from the Arcare Maidstone community were invited to participate in a poetry reading at Footscray library, as a part of Seniors Week.

Many clients were excited to find out that senior citizen, renowned author and former Major of Footscray, Ted Logan would be making a special reading at the event. Ted was the Major of Footscray for over 25 years, and many of the clients at Arcare Maidstone had previously read some of literary work.

The group of Maidstone clients, sat entranced as Ted read some of his poems. The poems, that Ted selected to read, mostly pertained to life in the Footscray area in the 1990’s. The clients enjoyed reminiscing about the area and what things were like and ow things have changed from now to over 20 years ago.

The clients thoroughly enjoyed listening to the poetry from various community members. After the poetry readings had concluded, the clients enjoyed the lunch that the library had provided, as well as strolling through the book shelves.

Arcare Aged Care Maidstone Library Visit Oct19

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