28 September 2020

Pretty paper flowers handmade with love at Arcare Maroochydore

As the weather starts to change and with Spring is in the air, the clients in our Arcare Maroochydore community were busy creating pretty paper flowers.

Each flower petal is handmade with love during their weekly craft sessions.

The ladies made the flowers on their own by selecting the size and colour combinations that appealed to them.

Adding a touch of glitter around the edges of the petals also gave them a fresh, dewy look.

Several of the clients who joined in the paper flower making enjoyed the process so much that they have now asked to have more sessions in the future!

They are hoping to create enough paper flowers to form a beautiful bouquet.

As you can tell from the pretty paper flowers, they have definitely brightened up our indoor spaces and most importantly, all who joined in had a whole lot of fun making them!

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