4 March 2021

Relationship First with Shirley and Beryl at Arcare Oatlands

Both Shirley and Beryl at our Arcare Oatlands community can always be seen with smiles on their faces.

Shirley is a Personal Support Worker and she is one of Beryl’s Dedicated Carers.

Beryl has been a resident in our Oatlands community for almost three years now.

And Shirley comes in to chat and support her from Monday to Friday.

“She helps me with showers, she takes care of me and we talk about anything,” Beryl said.

Besides being her Dedicated Carer, Shirley is also Beryl’s friend.

“She is just a lovely person; I love how she cares for everybody and not just me,” she shared.

Every morning, Shirley would check the temperature and weather for the day and inform Beryl, so that she can dress accordingly and be comfortable.

She also starts her day earlier than usual to ensure she has more time to spend with the residents when she is going around.

“I call her Mama because we are very close and because Beryl was in the Army, she is very punctual and on time, just like me,” Shirley said.

Beryl even named her Legacy Bear after Shirley so she can keep her company on the weekends.

shirley and berylshirley and beryl shirley and beryl