20 March 2020

Reptile visitors on Australia Day at Arcare Oatlands

It’s not everyday you see a reptile resting on a client’s chest while he relaxes in the residence lounge room.

But that is exactly what happened when clients at Arcare Oatlands were treated to a reptilian surprise full of lizards and snakes.

The expert reptile handler brought in a number of coloured plastic boxes and told us that the scaly animals were in there, ready to cuddle with some clients.

Some of the curious clients soaked in all the educational information that he shared with them and they even asked questions as they wanted to learn more about these gentle creatures.

When the handler took out the animals from their boxes, you could feel something in the air changed as everyone was nervous yet excited to experience these animals firsthand for themselves.

Clients soon became very comfortable with the reptiles as they draped snakes across their necks and held them up for all to see.

The clients at Arcare Oatlands were willing to step out of their comfort zones during this year’s Australia Day Reptile Visit.

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