10 March 2021

Resident Dolores and Mozart the Saint Bernard at Arcare Parkinson

Dolores at our Arcare Parkinson community has grown up with dogs all her life.

She had Nugget the Cocker Spaniel, Shabo the University dog, Zack the Border Collie and Conan the German Shepherd.

All of her dogs were rescues and Dolores and her family simply adore big dogs.

Out of all the dogs she has had in her life, Dolores shared with us that Sam the Labrador was very kind and affectionate and even saved two kids from drowning.

A gift from Bocchetta Plush Toys, Dolores received a Furtastic Friend named Mozart to provide some cuddly company.

Mozart is a Saint Bernard and his size is reminiscent of past family pets.

“When I’m visiting mum, sometimes she will lie in bed hugging Mozart while we watch a movie together,” daughter Celine shared.

After seeing how much mum adores Mozart, Celine went out to get a custom dog tag made for him.

“Mozart is great, he reminds me of my other dogs,” Dolores shared.