20 May 2019

Revving it up with Cyclone Car Club at North Shore

A few of the members of the local Townsville Cyclone Car Club paid a very special visit to the Men’s Group at Arcare North Shore.

On that particular balmy afternoon, they cooked a storm at the BBQ and had a chat about their favourite topic – cars!

The car club had bought in four of their prized cars to share with the guys.

Many photos were taken and many stories were shared stories about cars that everyone had once owned and their dream car.

The antique cars that came for a visit included a beautiful blue Mustang with its traditional Pony number plate. A huge ford F100 panelvan with a gorgeous red interior, a stunning sleek electric blue hot rod and a true GT black muscle car.

Some of men had these cars when they were younger so it was a fun trip down memory lane for them.

Jack joked about taking the blue hot rod for a sneaky spin while the others weren’t watching.

After admiring and getting all excited about the cool cars, everyone settled down and chilled out to some slider hamburgers put together by our talented chef.

We all sat down to have a cold drink as we chatted to new and old friends.

It is always a great idea to bring community clubs together to share their interests.

After some good chats and laughs, the Cyclone Car Club decided that they would pay us a visit every month with all their prized cars!

With days like these, our clients truly enjoy life at North Shore.



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