27 August 2020

Celebrating Rolf and Dell’s 65th wedding anniversary

Clients Dell and Rolf recently celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary with cake, cards and flowers at Arcare Springwood.

Capturing an intimate moment and a loving glance between the couple, Lifestyle team Rebecca and Helen shared this photo with Dell and Rolf’s daughter.

This photo was captured during a special celebration of their milestone memory and to provide an opportunity for Dell and Rolf’s family to be a part of it in some way.

Another client from Arcare Springwood had also thoughtfully designed a card for the couple, showcasing her artistic skills.

Dell was a bit overwhelmed by the thought of celebrating in a group, so the Lifestyle team decided to decorate their trolley and help them celebrate their anniversary in their suite.

Even though it has been difficult in not being able to see families and friends in person, Dell and Rolf enjoyed their anniversary celebration and look forward to many more loving years to come.

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