3 March 2020

Romantic Valentine’s Day at Arcare Taigum

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, couples were invited to a romantic Valentine’s Day Lunch at Arcare Taigum.

The theatre was rearranged and beautifully decorated with hearts in true Valentine’s Day fashion.

As the clients arrived at 12pm for their meal, they were seated by team members.

Then, they each received a menu to peruse.

Team members at Arcare Taigum waited on the couples, transforming the residence theatre into a 5-star restaurant.

‘Wow! What did we do to deserve this? This is all very special,’ client Kevin shared.

The clients enjoyed a seafood cocktail as entrée, followed by the choice of roast turkey or fish.

‘The prawn cocktail was delicious,’ client Phyllis commented.

For dessert, they finished their romantic Valentine’s Day meal off with vanilla mousse and strawberries.

All the couples who attended said it was a very lovely lunch and they felt very special to be attending.

They even received a Valentine’s Day gift at lunch.

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