1 March 2021

Meet Rose and Asa from our Laundry team at Arcare Warriewood

Rose from our Laundry team at Arcare Warriewood has been washing, pressing and folding since we opened in 2019.

And with her is Asa who works on weekends and Mondays.

They have worked together for more than a year now and they are loving it.

“The people I work with are helpful, friendly and we really are a team,” Rose shared.

Rose is also very good friends with some of our Arcare Warriewood residents, such as Mary and Bill.

Rose is a friendly and familiar face at the residence as she always makes the effort to say hi and chat to the residents when she delivers their freshly washed and neatly pressed laundry.

“The residents know us; they see our smiling faces and they know we do our best to help them,”

“And when we wave, they always wave back,” Rose said.

On a usual day, Rose and Asa are busy with finishing their tasks from the previous day, preparing loads of clothes to wash and organising the garments for quicker delivery.

Their laundry is also neatly separated into zones to ensure unwashed garments are kept separate and garments are sorted into dark and light colours.

A lot of effort, concentration and organisation certainly goes into making their system work.

And residents like Sylvia, Margaret and Didey are very grateful to the Laundry team for ensuring their fashionable outfits are kept to the best condition.

“And right before the end of the day, we prepare the linen trolley for the night staff, and we do it all over again the next day,” Rose said.