18 June 2018

RSL with the Oatlands Family

Arcare Oatlands clients recently took a trip to Granville RSL for lunch. You would assume the best part of this story is that the clients got to eat whatever they wanted at an all-you-can-eat buffet. But hearing clients recount their time away made it clear that it was being out as an Arcare family that made the day so special.

Like the day you knew you were heading out on a school excursion, the clients were super excited to be heading to the RSL. Destinations may have changed but the excitement was still there.

The clients first entertained themselves trying to help each other put their seatbelts on while Nilli and Nicholas were helping others onto the bus.

From there, it was as if the clients became carers for each other.

‘They were like a family, looking out for each other and holding each other when walking around. They all made sure everyone ate and was safe,’ said Nilli.

Arthur proudly directed the others around the club, as he has been a long-time member of Granville RSL. Not only was this an uplifting moment for Arthur; this excited the other clients to take the group out to their own RSL clubs on future trips. They began making their own plans, together.

Arcare Aged Care Oatlands RSL1

Once they had settled themselves in the best seats at the buffet, Nancy took Yvonne with her arm in arm to the toilets – without realising it was the men’s toilets! It was a great laugh.

Of course, clients loved being out and exploring the endless options of food at the buffet; helping each other as they filled up their plates.

Ronald, on the other hand, had his favourite fish and chips served to him without even asking! He was lucky enough to have his carer Nicholas on the trip, who knew exactly what Ron wanted for his lunch.

‘You could tell how happy and comfortable Ron was having Nicholas there with him. His face lit up the moment he realised Nicholas had thought of him with the fish and chips,’ said Nilli.

It is these little moments that made this day so memorable for Arcare Oatlands. This may be something unnoticed during everyday life at the residence, but the laughs and helping hands shared during their outing signified the unity they all share as an Arcare Oatlands family.

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