14 January 2019

Rummy-O rounds up residents

Rummy-O has brought new friendships to residents of Arcare Glenhaven.

Each individual has their own interests and hobbies at Arcare.

Resident Jyoti has always preferred spending time in her room, watching TV, and often declining the offer to attend activities.

Encouragement from family and the Arcare team is not usually successful, as Jyoti feels as though her Indian background and culture differs her from the others.

Lifestyle Coordinator Chloe Pearson was recently chatting to Jyoti’s family and discovered that along with her amazing cognitive function, she is also great at solving puzzles and number games!

In particular, she is said to be a champ at the game – Rummy-O.

This gave Chloe the idea of inviting Jyoti to the next board games activity organised for the residents.

Every Wednesday afternoon, residents gather to play their favourite games; including UNO, scrabble, Rummy-O and snakes ‘n’ ladders.

Although Jyoti first hesitated at the thought of attending, her mind quickly changed when she saw Rummy-O all set up.

Jyoti happily joined some residents for a game, playing for well over an hour in one very competitive game!

The Lifestyle Team had to encourage the residents to wrap up their game as they played all the way until dinner.

The residents had a blast playing and meeting new faces at the same time.

This wasn’t just a game to Jyoti, this was the beginning of new friendships and a new sense of belonging.

Jyoti and the Rummy-O players are now looking forward to their next gaming session this week!

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