30 September 2019

Scenic Drive to the Historic Rivermill on the Gold Coast Hinterland

It was a beautiful morning when clients from Arcare Helensvale St James set out on our Scenic Drive towards the Gold Coast Hinterland.

Clients from the other Arcare residences on the Gold Coast also joined us for a delicious Western lunch on the outdoor deck.

The Historic Rivermill is situated on Mt Nathan, beside the scenic Coomera Rivera and the 6.4 hectares property has lots of native animals walking around, which made for an entertaining lunch.

While we were waiting for lunch, the chickens walked around our tables inside the dining area and said a friendly hello to everyone.

Although they were probably more interested in the crumbs we were about to drop!

As lifestyle coordinator Foloi started to sing the classic childhood song ‘Old Macdonald Had a Farm’, all the clients joined in by taking turns in coming up with different animal sounds in the song.

Soon, we had the whole place filled with the sounds of the clients going cluck, moo, quack, squeak, woof, neigh and meow!

It sounded like the whole dining area was filled with farm animals like chickens, fishes, cows, dogs, ducks, horses, cats, you name it!

Soon, an alpaca popped by as well which led to more laughter as no one could think of what an alpaca sounded like!

Everyone had so much fun that day singing along, chatting and making new friends.

It’s great to get together with the other Arcare residences as it’s like seeing old friends again.

“That was a delicious lunch! I had a lot fun singing and laughing with the others.” Marion said.

What more do you need when you’re surrounded by good food and good company?


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