30 April 2021

Serving up coffees and smiles with Allison at Arcare Oatlands

Working three days a week at Arcare Oatlands, Café Attendant Allison has been serving up coffees and smiles at our residence since it opened.

Thursday is her busiest day of the week as residents from our Webb community would come out for a cup of coffee.

Some of her regulars also include Resident Noall, Margaret, Gordon and Yvonne.

Noall would visit the café every day for his usual black coffee order and for a chat.

While Margaret and Gordon have been encouraging Allison to share stories from her life.

“Many of them would ask me about my family and it’s nice that they care,” Allison said.

Another resident who visits daily is Yvonne.

She does not speak much English but her friendship with Allison goes beyond the language barrier.

After finishing her cup of coffee, Yvonne will always come back to return the cup personally.

“We make each other laugh and that’s our way of communicating,”

Being opened during the lockdown has also provided a bit of normality for the residents.

“I’m working in their home and I feel very blessed to have this opportunity,”

“I enjoy being part of the residents’ lives, they teach you so much and you can never stop learning,” Allison shared.