17 July 2019

Setting sail on the S.S. Nirvana

On Monday 8th July, clients from Arcare Nirvana set sail on a virtual world cruise.

The cruise spent a week sailing and visiting places such as Hawaii, Italy, Iceland and France.

The cruise set sail from the ports around Hawaii, and was celebrated with a lavish Bon Voyage party.

The red carpet was rolled out for the clients, who were keen to board the virtual cruise for the week. Many clients blushed and smiled, as they walked the red carpet and posed for photos.

Colourful Hawaiian lei’s were draped around the necks of every boarding passenger. Passengers were greeted by the Captain and crew as they entered the party.

Residence manager, Mary Varnas was given the important responsibility of being ‘Captain’ for the week. Mary, who is used to steering the ship in the different sense, was more than willing to get into the fun of it all, even dressing up!

Lifestyle coordinator, Delia was the given the title of ‘Cruise director’, as she planned all the fun activities and parties for the cruise. Delia, who has extensive experience working in the cruising industry in the past, was incredibly excited to go on this journey with the clients.

“There is something special about going on a cruise. I wanted to create an immersive experience, even though we weren’t leaving the residence. I think the clients will appreciate the novelty and fun that the cruise will hopefully provide.” Delia said.

Delia even created personalised itineraries and boarding passes for each client, so that they could map their travels. Many clients fondly reflected on their own travel and cruise memories, as they studied the world map in their travel pack.

The Bon Voyage party was decorated in a Hawaiian theme, with bright coloured ornaments surrounding the ship’s main lounge room.

Passengers were offered a variety of mixed cocktails in funky Hawaiian inspired glasses. Tropical music played in the background, as cruise director, Delia hosted nautical trivia.

At the end of the night, clients had the opportunity to pose for photos with the Captain and crew, before settling in for a full night of smooth sailing.

The next stop on the world cruise is Italy; all aboard the S.S. Nirvana!

Arcare Aged Care Nirvana Avenue Malvern East Cruiseweek7
The crew of the SS NIrvana
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