11 July 2020

Singing along to country music at Arcare Helensvale

Clients at Arcare Helensvale have been singing and dancing along to famous country tunes from John McSweeney.

Born on a dairy farm in Woodford, Queensland, John was very popular among the clients for his songs such as ‘Crying My Heart Out Over You’.

A friend of ours at the Arcare Helensvale residence, Rhonda shared with us that she was good friends with John.

So, after pulling some strings and chatting to him, Rhonda was able to organise a special surprise for the clients.

It wasn’t long before a free DVD and an autographed photograph arrived at our doorstep and Lifestyle Co-ordinator Kate played his DVD for the clients.

Soon, everyone was singing along to the lyrics and tapping their feet along to the music.

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