23 November 2020

Singing and dancing along to ‘Dotty Pardon’ at Arcare Glenhaven

Our Arcare Glenhaven community was treated to the wonderful sights and sounds of ‘Dotty Pardon’ – Dolly Parton’s estranged cousin from the other side of the river!

Dressed in white go go boots and a polka dot dress, our fabulous resident entertainer Jenny kept us laughing during Happy Hour.

Dotty wowed us with a range of iconic songs such as 9 to 5, Here You Come Again, I Will Always Love You and Jolene.

We were all clapping and singing along with her as she put on a wonderful show for us.

One resident from our Arcare Glenhaven community shared with us that she had seen a lovely singer upstairs and was amazed to find out that it was actually Jenny dressed up as Dotty!

‘It’s so great to see the residents really enjoying the performance. And for Jenny to do that for them, it really means a lot,’

‘All it takes is a heartwarming song that they know of and soon, they’ll be up on their feet, singing and dancing along!’ Lifestyle Assistant Elissa said.