30 August 2019

Sky high

Arcare Sydenham clients had been discussing their desire to go out on a bus trip to watch the aeroplanes at Tullamarine Airport, with the lifestyle team for quite some time. The small group of clients were quite determined to watch the aeroplanes, however the Melbourne weather wasn’t always ideal for the activity.

The lifestyle team tracked the weather carefully, before finally landing on a day, where the weather would be ideal for plane watching. They organised the bus to drive a group to the airport and then announced the news to the very eager clients.

The day started with the sun shining brightly, but when they arrived at the park space, the weather took a turn and it became windy.

In spite of the chilly wind, the clients enjoyed sitting out and watching the aeroplanes. They had morning tea, while counting the number of planes passing above.

Smiles could be seen on every faces of every client who attended, with many even raving about the wonderful experience to management in the form of green forms when they returned home.

Arcare Aged Care Sydenham Planewatching1

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