24 March 2020

A slice of goodwill from Domino’s Pizza for Arcare Slacks Creek

As team members at Arcare Slacks Creek set off to work another shift during the preventative lockdown period, many of the clients are grateful to them for continuing to take care of their everyday needs and to ensure life goes on normally for them.

On Friday, the local Domino’s Pizza announced that they would be coming by to drop off a couple of surprise pizzas for the hardworking team members.

Domino’s Pizza has recently announced their new ‘Meals for Seniors’ initiative that will deliver free pizzas for certain areas in lockdown.

The support from them has given the Arcare Slacks Creek team members a boost to their morale and brought smiles to their faces as they dig into the yummy pizzas and garlic bread on their lunch break.

Residence Manager, Loribeth said, ‘Our team members are working hard at all hours of the day and we want to thank Domino’s Pizza for recognising their hardwork and for supporting us by providing pizzas,’

‘We have an amazing team here and for the local community to help in this way is truly amazing.’

‘Getting in and feeding people in times of need is something we can do to help when times are really challenging as they are now,’ says a representative from Domino’s Pizza.

‘Our team members are ready and willing to support this valuable part of our community.’

According to the pizza chain, the ‘contactless delivery’ system means the delivery person will place the order on a safe surface outside the aged care residence and phone them to let them know it’s arrived.

Across our Arcare aged care residences in Australia, we want to thank team members for their patience, professionalism, resilience and commitment to providing excellent care during the preventative lockdown period.

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