12 June 2020

It’s a small world

The sayings “It’s a small world” and “The world gets smaller as you get older” couldn’t be more true at Arcare Malvern East.

In this the case, three of the lovely clients at Arcare Malvern East recently discovered, or more so rediscovered a past connection between all of them.

While their faces and names had always seemed familar to one another, the ladies had never been able to quite put their fingers on it. That was until they all finally sat down and started to chat to one another.

Clients, Alison, Ruth and Elizabeth reminisced together, before they realised that they all went to the same school in the 1950’s, called The Hermitage, a girls Grammar School near Geelong.

Elizabeth ( Liz ) was one of the school prefects and Alison remembers her fondly.

Once realising the connection, the ladies enjoyed catching up over a cuppa at the cafe.

The ladies now plan to see each other and catch up more regularly.

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