10 September 2020

A splash of water balloon fun at Arcare Caboolture

Today at Arcare Caboolture, clients spent the first morning of Spring outside in their garden with a lovely morning tea and a splash of fun.

As part of their outdoor picnic, they drank tea and ate cake in the warm sun.

It was great to be outdoors and Fay even found an Australian native from the garden – a beautiful Eucalypt flower.

After fuelling up from their morning tea, the clients were ready for a round of water balloon fights!

Ena and Athol were the first to get the fun started by throwing water balloons at Caboolture team members and in the end, getting them totally drenched!

Team members took part in the fun and aimed their water balloons at the cheeky clients.

Other clients were more than happy to squeeze the water balloons and reminisce on their childhood days running around and playing with other kids.

Once clients and team members were tired from all the fun, they proceeded to clean up by picking up tiny pieces of broken balloons.

It was a perfect day for morning tea and water balloons outdoors as the sun and the clouds worked together to provide the right amount of warmth and shade.

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