23 September 2020


During lockdown, the Arcare Nirvana community were inspired to get behind an international craze called, Spoonsville.

The Spoonsville craze involves residents creating a variety decorated wooden spoon people and establishing a ‘Spoonsville’ community in a community space. The idea behind the craze is that other community members will see the display, and choose to add their own creations; ultimately further fuelling the sentiment and concept of ‘we’re all in this together’.

Nirvana residents spent an afternoon dressing up their own wooden spoons, then they placed their newly created ‘spoon people’ just outside the residence, so that any locals who walked past during their daily of exercise could see.

Residents have enjoyed watching the locals walk past and check out the spoon community, with many within the wider community now stopping to take pictures, and to smile and wave at the residents inside. A few days after starting the Arcare Nirvana Spoonsville community, several community members started to return to the site to add their own spoon creations to the display, and the Spoonsville village has continued to grow ever since.

This Spoonsville craze originated in England and has taken the world by storm. Arcare Nirvana is the 350th internationally registered Spoon community . Arcare Nirvana’s Spoonsville project has provided the residents with a great link to their neighbours, during a time of lockdown and social distancing.

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