25 June 2020

Sports jerseys and exercises at Arcare Glenhaven

The residence of Arcare Glenhaven was filled with the colours of orange, blue, green and red when team members celebrated Wacky Wednesday by wearing their favourite sporting team jerseys.

There were so many different sports showcased that day such as soccer, rugby league, basketball, gridiron, baseball, and AFL.

Everyone had a great time showing off their favourite sporting teams and making jokes when they saw each other dressed in their rival teams’ jersey.

‘I loved seeing all different coloured jerseys as they walked around the residence,’ a client commented.

On that same day, the clients also enjoyed a bit of competitive sport themselves by participating in a game of carpet bowls in the afternoon.

The clients at Arcare Glenhaven enjoy staying fit and active so every day, they work out in their morning exercise class and even have some fun with dancing exercises.

Who says exercise can’t be fun?

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