22 September 2020

Spring has sprung at Arcare Maroochydore

Spring has sprung at Arcare Maroochydore with many residents soaking up the warm Spring sunshine in our beautiful courtyard.

You will even see some of them sitting in the courtyard with their friends multiple times a day!

Celebrating Daffodil Day, the residents felt that it was only appropriate for them to plant flower bulbs in pots.

After planting, they excitedly awaited the arrival of the bright yellow daffodils.

In the following week, the Maroochydore residents got their hands dirty again and planted more flowers for the season of Spring, which included Petunias and Marigolds.

Again, they patiently waited until one morning, they came to find the flowers in their plant pots in full bloom and overflowing with the rainbow colours of Spring!

Now, when the residents are sitting in the residence courtyard soaking up the sunshine, they are surrounded by the beautiful scent and sight of Spring.

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