5 July 2021

Sprucing up Arcare Springwood with Guneet from the Environmental team

Guneet from our Environmental team at Arcare Springwood has been sprucing up the residence since December 2020.

Besides maintaining the 5-star environment, she has also formed close friendships with the residents.

“I really enjoy meeting the residents, even if it’s just spending 5 or 10mins to talk to them and to get to know them,”

“I get to learn about their likes and dislikes and how they like their room cleaned,”

Guneet certainly remembers every detail of the residents in the Negombo community where she works.

She shared with us that one resident likes to keep her lights on, her blinds and door open, and notices when her suite has been cleaned by Guneet.

With a different resident who is immobile, Guneet would also take the time to pick things up for her and place them back where they belong.


“We have a good team here, Amie (General Services Manager) arranges a meeting every morning where we update and interact with each other. And then we go about our day,”

As we followed Guneet on her rounds through the community, the connection she has with the residents is clear.

Approaching the lounge room, resident Ada was eager to come over and give Guneet a big hug.

“Ada is always on the go and she likes to keep her room very clean,” Guneet shared.

Another resident whom Guneet has a soft spot for is Daphne.

During her shifts on the weekend, Guneet has met Daphne’s family and shared with us that they are just as lovely as Daphne.

“When I’m cleaning Daphne’s room, she would try to help. And seeing her smile just makes your day.”