16 March 2020

A story of love: celebrating 66 years of marriage

First time they met

Recently, a lovely new couple named Jo and Ken moved into Arcare Taigum.

They have been married for 66 years after first meeting at a dance in Bristol, England.

Jo recalls that she was dancing with another chap when Ken bravely cut in and asked her for a dance.

When asked why he did that, he shared with us saying, ‘I felt sorry for her, the chap she was dancing with was very tall and I could see she was doing her best to dance on her tippy toes.’

But Ken remembers the night fondly as he was captivated with Jo the moment he laid his eyes on her.


First time in Australia

After years of courting and then getting married, they moved to Australia in 1956 because Ken was offered a promotion at the company he worked for.

They were very excited about coming to a new country and they could not wait to start this great adventure together!


First time apart

About a month ago at Arcare Taigum, Jo was not feeling very well and was staying in her room to recover.

Ken was really missing her so Lifestyle Co-ordinator Kerry thought of an interesting way for them to stay in touch.

Thus began their little exchange of love notes.

Each morning, Ken would write a note to Jo and Kerry would be the residence postman, ensuring Jo receives her special delivery and vice versa.

It was refreshing to see a couple so in love after all these years.

Jo and Ken have most of their meals together and always have an affectionate kiss when they see each other.

On Valentine’s Day, they celebrated their 68th year of love.

Jo shared with us that Ken always sends her a lovely bouquet of red roses in time for the romantic celebration.

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