25 June 2020

Superheroes to the rescue at Arcare Glenhaven

Clients and team members at Arcare Glenhaven were flying high and soaring above the clouds when they dressed up for this week’s Superhero theme.

Many of the team members had great fun dressing up in bright, colourful costumes and the clients all thought it was fantastic as they were very impressed by their effort and creativity.

‘I feel like I’ve woken up in Movie World!’ a client commented.

‘I feel like a little child again, going to the theme park to see all the dressed-up superheroes,’ another client shared.

Vanessa came dressed as a surgeon with angel wings to represent the modern-day superhero, healthcare workers.

Judy herself got quite the surprise when she saw superhero Wonder Woman come into her room to say good morning.

‘I love superheroes, but my favourites would have to be Batman and Robin,’ she said.

She was also very thrilled to finally have an excuse to wear her comic Batman and Robin t-shirt.

Judy was in for another surprise as she did not realise Lifestyle team members Chloe and Elissa had dressed up as her favourite superheroes.

Once they heard of Judy’s special shirt and her love for the comic book characters, they raced to her room in lightning speed to surprise her.

Judy was ecstatic to see Chloe and Elissa in their costumes and she could not stop smiling and laughing at the fact that she had a life-size Batman and Robin right in front of her.

Another highlight of the day was seeing General Services Manager Janine dress up as Super Girl.

For many weeks now, Janine has been having trouble finding a costume to fit the theme but this week, to everyone’s surprise, she had the perfect superhero costume.

And this is why Janine wins our Best Dressed award for this week!

Overall, it was another fun and exciting Wacky Wednesday at Glenhaven with more team members getting involved in the theme.

Next week’s theme will be the colours Orange and Yellow.

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