20 August 2020

Sydney and Effie: an act of kindness goes a long way at Arcare Oatlands

It certainly is true that a simple act of kindness can go a long way, especially for Sydney and Effie at Arcare Oatlands.

During their regular walking group in the morning, Lifestyle Co-ordinator Krystal and clients Sydney and Effie would chat and catch up with one another.

Effie and Sydney are neighbours in our Arcare Oatlands community and they have gotten to know each other well.

While walking together, Sydney would help to push Effie’s chair and keep her company while holding her hand in a reassuring manner.

‘It is wonderful for me to be able to do this for Effie and my friends who are unable to walk on their own,’ Sydney shared.

At the end of today’s walk, Effie turned to Sydney and gave him a big smile and squeezed his hand lovingly.

‘It was such a beautiful moment to witness the gentleness and compassion between them; their friendship can bring a tear to anyone’s eyes,’ Krystal said.

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