7 January 2020

Taking care of baby chicks at Arcare Slacks Creek

Everyone at the Arcare Slacks Creek aged care residence loves animals.

But it’s the Sensitive Care community that take it to a whole other level.

Recently, the Balmoral community has adopted some chicks as part of the Chirpee Chickens hatchling program.

Clients and team members delighted in inspecting the incubated eggs each day, searching for any signs of the hatchlings arriving.

After five long-awaited days, cracks and chips began appearing on the eggs and soon, in the next 48 hours, ten little eggs turned into ten adorable fluffy chicks.

The clients have adored caring for the chicks by ensuring their food and water is always topped up and of course, giving them lots of love and attention.

Through this Chirpee Chickens hatchling program, the clients have achieved a sense of purpose in taking great care of the eggs and chicks, then watching them hatch and grow.

The program was designed as an opportunity for everyone to enjoy and learn about the hatching process and caring for baby chicks.

It is a unique experience that amazes and delights everyone.

And this program has brought back many memories and stories from their experience on the farm.

We have also seen a caring side to many of the clients as they shower them with care and affection.

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