23 February 2018

Tea with a view

A warm, sunny day at Arcare Maidstone was the perfect chance for residents to enjoy their morning tea on the balcony.

While everyone enjoyed their tea and coffee, breathing in the fresh summer air, Wendy spoke about travelling to Australia by ship and how it had taken three months to arrive.

Anna shared her memories of travelling to Poland, Germany and Ukraine. Emine spoke about why she first moved to Australia, and now she has such strong ties with the country.

Maria joined in the discussion, chatting about arriving in Australia from the Philippines. She would love to go to the US one day.

The Maidstone Community celebrated their diverse backgrounds and enjoyed hearing about each other’s rich culture.


Arcare Aged Care Maidstone Volunteering
by Nika, Volunteer at Arcare Maidstone

My first day as a volunteer was not only an eye-opener, it was also inspiring and uplifting.

The Lifestyle team welcomed me and took me for a tour of the residence and introduced me to the community.

During a game of tenpin bowling, I observed how team members interacted with clients, and I noticed a lot of smiles and laughs.

It takes a special group of people to create a happy and comfortable environment for people.

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