11 March 2020

Team wellness day

Every day Arcare team members around Australia, work hard to provide and maintain 5-star care, food, lifestyle activities, relationships and a 5-star home for all clients. While Arcare’s focus is primarily on, providing holistic care for all clients, there is also a strong focus on maintaining a 5-star work environment for all team members.

It is important that our communities take the time to recognise the intrinsic value and hard-work of all its team members.

In March, the Arcare Keysborough community hosted a Team Wellness Day to ensure that all team members felt acknowledged and appreciated, while taking some time for themselves.

Arcare Keysborough residence manager, Deepa Nair created the day, as she wanted to honour her team for all their hard work and for the compassion and overall care they provide and show the clients on a daily basis.

Deepa said, “In the busyness of the day, their tireless tasks can sometimes go by unnoticed. I just wanted to take the time to say that I do appreciate all the team contributions and hard-work around the residence.”

To show her appreciation, Deepa arranged for team pamper sessions, free coffees, gifts and cards of gratitude to be presented to the Keysborough team on Team Wellness Day.

“Working in aged care can be a tough job. So it’s important that we frequently check in with our team, and ensure that they are also caring for themselves.” Deepa said.

The clients at Arcare Keysborough also got involved, as they were keen to show their own appreciation for the team. The clients worked tirelessly to package up the gift bags and were delighted to hand deliver each one on Team Wellness Day. The clients found the project to be incredibly fulfilling, as they able to express their gratitude and love and care felt towards the team members.

Over 30 team members chose to visit the Spa-care lounge on Team Wellness Day, for some much need and well deserved pampering.

Valued community volunteer, Daniele Brierley came up with the idea of the team relaxation lounge, Spa-care, and she even organised and donated all the products and pampering sessions for the team.

Team members were able to choose from a list of relaxation treatments including a manicure, facial, hand massage herbal tea and even jewellery cleaning. The team members involved thoroughly enjoyed the experience and appreciated being given the time to put their feet up.

In the afternoon, the Arcare Keysborough community unveiled the Team Appreciation Wall in the reception area, where encouraging quotes and feedback from clients, family, friends and volunteers were displayed. Team members smiled, as they began reading the beautiful words. The Team Appreciation Wall is currently still on display at Arcare Keysborough, so that it will be an ongoing reminder to all team members, that their work is noticed, appreciated and valued by many.

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