19 June 2020

Teddy Bear’s Picnic at Arcare Sanctuary Manors

To help lift spirits and bring some added sunshine and laughter to Arcare Sanctuary Manors, Lifestyle Co-Ordinator Rickie put on a special Teddy Bear’s Picnic for clients.

The morning started off with clients bringing in their own teddy bears to join the picnic.

Teddy Bears from all over the world were there to join us in our special morning tea.

Rickie did a history presentation on the song ‘Teddy Bear’s Picnic’ and how the teddy bear got its name, thanks to Theodore Roosevelt.

Everyone then happily joined in on the song that was played on YouTube.

Both clients and bears were treated to a special honey cake and teddy bear biscuits with their morning tea.

Some clients shared the story of how they came across their teddy bear and we all know that every teddy bear has its own unique story.

Peggy told the story of how she got her first teddy named ‘Poppa Bear’; it was given to her by her children on her birthday over 23 years ago, in remembrance of her husband who had sadly passed away a few months earlier.

This spurred Peggy’s love of teddy bears and she now has a collection of over 25 bears in her room, including a giant bear named Emma who is her favourite and very popular among the other clients.

Pat’s teddy is named Paddington Bear and he heralds all the way from London when Pat’s daughter bought him for her while she was on holiday.

Maureen had bought her teddy a few years ago in honour of her first grandchild. She now has three teddys representing all three grandchildren.

Joen bought Margaret when she saw her in a shop window and instantly fell in love with the dress she was wearing while Tiny Tina was a gift from her granddaughter.

The morning bought so much joy and laughter as the ladies reminisced and shared special stories of their beloved teddy bears.

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