1 June 2020

A test of our golfing skills at Arcare Sanctuary Manors

Clients at Arcare Sanctuary Manors were keen to try out a different activity so Lifestyle Co-ordinator Rickie organised an outdoor golfing session.

While feeling the warmth of the Autumn sunshine on their skin, they happily put their golfing skills to the test at their game of putt putt.

We found out that three clients who participated in this activity were actually avid golfers back in their day and were professionally coached.

Maureen shared with us that she was taught by professional golfer, Neville Wilson in Canberra.

Known as the three M’s, Maureen and her friends, Molly and Marie used to meet up for a game of golf once a week.

She also shared with us a memorable story of their golfing adventures where the golf club had sent out a search party for the three of them as they were taking so long to play their game!

‘I love playing golf and today’s putt putt game was great; it really feels good to be out in the sunshine again getting some fresh air,’ Maureen said.

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