23 August 2019

The greatest day at Arcare Taigum: Hugh Jackman is in town

Life at Arcare Taigum is always exciting as every day brings about a new and interesting activity. You just never know what the Arcare team is up to!

This time, they decided to have a ‘Hugh Jackman’ Day!

They got a life-size cardboard cut-out of Mr Jackman and placed in the residence for all to see.

Hugh sure was a busy man when client and team members posed beside him for photos all day long.

When Ada came to have her photo taken with Hugh she was very eager. However, on approaching Hugh, she said “Oh no, I thought he was real. Such a shame!”

Lidia was asked if she would like a photo with Hugh. She declined saying “He’s not that good looking. My husband is better looking than him!”

Team members at Arcare Taigum were even asked to dress up as characters from any of Mr Jackman’s movies.

Since Hugh has a long spanning history of movies, people had the options to choose from his movies such as Wolverine, The Greatest Showman, Les Misérables and many more.

At 10.30am, one of Hugh’s latest movies ‘The Greatest Showman’ was playing in the theatre for all to enjoy.

They could also enjoy some ice cream while watching the movie. It really was a treat for all of them!

As Colleen was leaving the theatre after the movie, she commented “What a great movie! I really enjoyed it.”

Shirley also reminisced about the times when the Barnum and Bailey Circus visited Chinchilla when she was growing up and how everyone was always excited for the circus to come.

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