19 April 2021

The Iranian art of hospitality with Badieh Taefi at Arcare Parkinson

Born in the city of Shiraz in Iran, Badieh Taefi, a resident at our Arcare Parkinson community is known for her hospitality and her strong sense of adventure.

Badieh grew up in Persia and has lived in Australia, New Zealand and the Cook Islands. With her husband, she encouraged daughter Faye and her siblings to be independent. At the age of nine, Faye was sent to study all over the world.

“Mum would visit me when I was away. Both my parents were very loving, even from a distance,” Faye recalled.

Once, Badieh and her husband took a year long trip to Africa and then went on to visit a friend in The Cook Islands. They stayed there for nine years before moving to New Zealand.

When her husband passed away, Badieh relocated to Australia on her own when she was in her 80s.

Carrying on her tradition of hospitality, Badieh knew everyone in her street and would share her harvest of fruits and vegetables with them. Even advanced osteoporosis simply could not stop her from gardening and cooking for her community!

As she got older, Badieh suffered poor health and her daughters felt that it was time to find an aged care provider who could care for mum’s needs. Arcare Parkinson was the one as it ticked their requirements for bright and airy accommodation with team members who listened and cared.

Even though Badieh has mostly reverted to her mother tongue of Farsi, team members utilise her language flip books and body language to communicate.

“Mum calls the Arcare Parkinson team members ‘angels’,” Faye shared.

And Badieh’s hospitable nature continues to engender a stream of visitors to her suite to say hi.