12 July 2019

The New Standards

Arcare has embraced the New Aged Care Quality Standards, which came into effect on 1st July 2019.

Arcare Hillside manager, Jastine has been particularly committed to pro-actively educating all team members about the standards and how they impact each role.

Jastine began training for the New Standards with all team members well before the 1st July, so that everyone felt well-prepared to implement and maintain compliance with the new Standards.

Arcare Hillside were also committed to educating their clients about the New Standards and how it will further enable their independence, dignity and choice.

As a part of the New Standard coming into practice, residence manager, Jastine has declared that every Friday will be a casual dress day for team members. Every Friday each week, team members as well as clients, are encouraged to wear a different colour to represent a different standard.

The main principles of the New Aged Care Quality Standards include:

  • Standard 1: Consumer dignity and choice
  • Standard 2: Ongoing assessment and planning with consumers
  • Standard 3: Personal care and clinical care
  • Standard 4: Services and supports for daily living
  • Standard 5: Organisation’s service environment
  • Standard 6: Feedback and complaints
  • Standard 7: Human resources
  • Standard 8: Organisational governance

Prior to the implementation of the New Standards, Arcare had pro-actively implemented many policies and principles of their own, that embodied these ideas. Arcare’s values, Six Senses, Relationship-First approach and dedicated staff assignment are just some of policies and principles that Arcare already had in place, prior to the New Standards.

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