8 January 2021

The process of reteaching yourself the piano with Rolf at Arcare Seven Hills

Resident Rolf Bruce at Arcare Seven Hills has been reteaching himself how to play the piano again after a number of years.

There were times when he would play a tune and stop as he found it hard to remember the next notes.

Now, he plays almost every day in our piano room although he is quite shy about playing in public.

While the sounds of the piano echoed through the residence, another resident named Jean sat quietly and watched Rolf’s performance.

When Rolf is not playing on the piano, he spends a lot with his wife Dell.

And they occasionally join in our Coffee Club to chat with other residents.

Coming from a large family, they also tend to have a lot of visitors and are kept busy socially

Rolf is a friendly and caring gentleman who would often give hugs to team members at Arcare Seven Hills.

Even though Rolf has forgotten bits and pieces of how to play the piano, it is wonderful to see him picking it up again.

And it is very encouraging for us to see him motivating himself to expand his musical instrument skills and seeing him gain confidence day by day.

‘Our piano room is a great place for the residents to relax in and to see Rolf make the most of our piano to reteach himself is inspiring!’ Lifestyle Co-ordinator Courtney shared.

Now, Rolf is able to play a few tunes on the piano and share the melodic sounds the piano with everyone.