30 May 2019

The wonderful volunteers at Arcare Maidstone

National Volunteers Week ran from 20th to 26th May and recognised the valuable contribution of the wonderful volunteers around Australia. The Arcare Maidstone community are very lucky to have four wonderful volunteers that regularly come visit and spend their time with the clients.

Maidstone’s lifestyle coordinators, Mary and Barbara said, “We are so lucky to have our volunteers, who put in the time to come down and engage with our clients. They really make a huge difference!”. Clients at Maidstone look forward to seeing many of the volunteers and often request visits and activities from certain volunteers.

Faye, Dianne, William and Edie are Maidstone’s four regular volunteers.

Faye has been volunteering for eight years at Arcare Maidstone, and has been running the knitting club every week since then. Faye also runs the footy tipping and a gardening group at Arcare Maidstone. Faye likes to  regularly take clients, whose families don’t visit very often and those who don’t have families, to the Arcare Maidstone café for a coffee and catch up.  

When Dianna volunteers, she enjoys running the arts and crafts program at Arcare Maidstone.

Volunteer, William often drives the bus on outings and enjoys having with the clients. The clients often refer to William as ‘the bus driver’.

Edie is relatively new to volunteering at Arcare, however she enjoys helping running bingo  and chatting to clients about their lives.

Arcare Maidstone would like to thank all their volunteers for their continuous contribution to the community.

Edie (Left) & Faye (Right)
William (Left) & Dianna (Right)

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