9 October 2020

Travels to India and a taste of samosas at Arcare North Shore

Arcare North Shore continues their worldly travels and this time they stopped by the wonderful country of India.

To really experience our adventure, our lovely Personal Support Worker Bhumi Patel has offered to share and explore her culture with us – by teaching us step-by-step how to cook samosas!

This event was even more special as Bhumi and client Patricia Helen have their own connection – they’re both vegetarians.

‘Oh, I am so excited! This is such a special gift Bhumi has given us,’ Patricia said.

The process seemed complicated but soon enough, the clients were making them like they have done it their whole lives.

Filled with potatoes, Bhumi’s special spice mix and a slight hint of cheese, the smell of spices drifted throughout the community and had many team members commenting on the divine smells.

Once the samosas were cooked and cooled, Bhumi surprised our clients even more by letting us sample some her amazingly handmade chutney that created an explosion of flavour when decadently paired with the samosas.

‘That was a really nice morning, I thought it might be spicy but it was amazing!’ Kathryn said.

Some of the clients insisted Bhumi share her recipe so they could pass it along to their beloved family members.

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