4 June 2018

Tree House Early Learning

The Caulfield Community looks forward to the fortnightly visits from their friends at Tree House Early Learning Centre.

The littlies gather in the piano lounge where clients read to them and play games. It always brings a smile to the clients’ faces when the children bring in pictures they have drawn for them.

The children love to visit clients in their rooms and look at their photos and treasured possessions.

They enjoy listening to stories about the client’s lives and are fascinated by their ages.

Particularly interesting is one client who is 102. They are amazed by this and challenge themselves to try and count to 102.

One client recently commented, ‘They make us feel alive. We love the mayhem and the noise.’
Arcare Aged Care Caulfield Kinder 2 Jpg


Arcare Aged Care Caulfield Kinder 4

Arcare Aged Care Caulfield Kinder 1 Jpg

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