6 September 2018

Try a new brew crew

The ‘try a new brew’ group in the Knox Community have been sipping their way around the area; trying out the different teas on offer.

Recently, the group decided to sample something a bit stronger and taste tested different bottles of rosé.

Even before they had popped open the bottles, Mary had everyone laughing. She saw that some people were late and commented, ‘the less people the better; it means more wine for us!’

The ‘try a new brew’ crew have been branching out from teas lately and have sampled things like cheeses and chocolates too. Part of the fun is choosing what will be up next!

Ursula’s arrangements


Ursula has recently been trying her hand at flower arranging. She has never had training before but has always had an amazing eye for colour and style.

Everyone is amazed at the wonderful creations she has been putting together.

Ursula is thrilled that her creations have been giving joy to the community. She said, ‘I enjoy doing them and other people say how much they love them.’

The one that has been receiving the most attention is the arrangement placed in the foyer. Ursula spends many hours making sure that the colours and heights are just right.

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